It's understandable that our lives get hectic and we lack the time to do the things we love...or don't! Wouldn't it be nice to have someone take some things off your plate?
Try me out as NOT only your personal wardrobe shopper but personal stylist! I am skilled in finding trendy, unique pieces that will have your friends and foe's asking.."Where'd You Get That?"
Here is how it works. You would only pay me $10 an hour to shop for you...sweet deal right? The rest will go towards the budget of your new style! For example, if you are only needing an outfit for a cute small event and don't care to spend much, you would want to budget $60... $10 (1)/hr (shopper ME)+$50 (clothes, shoes & accessories)! Yes, I can find you a complete banging outfit for 50 bucks!
Pick your budget, what you're looking for or the occasion (I'm attending a wedding, I'm in need of new clothes, "I wanna be made ova" (in my Tina Turner Voice), include your weight, size (tops, bottoms, waist, shoes), send me a full-body picture of you and what you're envisioning, time & date in which you'd need your clothes by, leave an address where I may drop your new clothes off and...BOOM...that's it!
Please understand, that by booking me you agree to my terms and conditions meaning..
1. You're entrusting in my ability to style you just right
2. There are no refunds for my service (but if you do not like what I purchase for you, I will provide all receipts for you to refund your clothing)
3. Treat me with politeness
4. All payments and required materials will be provided up-front
Thank you for choosing me as your personal clothing shopper! I look forward to making sure you look fantastic!

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